M.D., D.M., D.P.H., Ph. D
2005 - Present
Founding Dean and Professor, (part-time), Graduate School of Global
Health Development, European Center for Peace and Development, UN
University for Peace, Serbia: established the school, curriculum of the master’
s degree in health management including syllabi and teaching the required
courses, and designed the guidelines for academic affairs and curriculum in
elderly care and family practice diploma and masters degrees.
consultancy firm in Health Systems Planning and Management, (registered in
Florida, USA), President and Senior Consultant, managing international
projects and offering consultancies.
2003- Present
Health, Adjunct Professor of Health Policy, Management, and Behavior.

1983: Distinguished visiting lecturer, Public Health Program; and Joint
Professor, Department of Comprehensive Medicine, College of Medicine;
University of South Florida.

1984-2002: Professor of Health Policy and management and Director of
International Health Programs, College of Public Health; University of South

Main Responsibilities at the University:

  • First full-time faculty, and member of the founding team of this fully
    accredited State College of Public Health that is serving the whole
    State of Florida.
  • Director of The College International Health Management Programs,
    this included directing the Annual International Health and Hospital
    Management and The Health Planning And Quality Management
    summer programs (11 weeks) 1983-2001, for international scholars,
    managing international projects, and offering seminars and courses
    overseas for senior officers from more than 70 countries.
  • Elected as President of the Faculty Assembly, and member of the
    College Executive Committee responsible for the college management,
    1998-2000, elected as member of the University Senate, member of
    the University Faculty Union, and member of the Florida State Faculty
    Union (11 state universities)
  • Coordinator and Manager of affiliation agreements between the
    University and Universities of Bielefeld-Germany; Barbados Faculty of
    Medicine, University of West Indies; Institute of Health Management
    in Romania; School of Public Health in Krakow, Poland; Institute of
    Public Health, Moscow, Russia,; and the National School of Public
    Health, Greece. These affiliation agreements involved serving as a
    visiting professor, collaboration in curriculum building, teaching short
    courses and seminars, and exchange of faculty and students
  • Introducing, directing and teaching the graduate courses of:
   - Principles of Health Policy and Management;
   - Health Services Planning and Evaluation;
   - Health Program Evaluation;
   - International Health and Health Care systems;
   - Primary Health Care Strategies;
   - Organization and Management of National Health Systems; and
   - Managing Quality in Health Care.

These courses were offered to the college students at the masters and Ph.D.
programs and international fellows at the certificate programs..

  • Teaching "Health Care Delivery and Organization" at the College of
    Medicine, 1984-1988, and joint professor of gerontology lecturing in
    social sciences and gerontology courses.
  • Supervision and direction of students for Masters and Ph.D studies
    serving as major professor, director or member of doctoral
    dissertation committees and master's research projects and theses at
    the colleges of public health, medicine and social sciences

Membership of University Committees:

  • Elected University Senator, 1997-2001, and member of its
    Committee on Faculty Standards, and university Honors and Awards
  • Elected as Senator of the United Faculty of Florida, USF chapter,
  • Chair / member of the following university wide committees/ task
    forces( selected list):, Instructional Services and Distant Leaning,
    International Programs, Faculty appointments and Sabbaticals.,
    Student Health Services, President, provost and dean  search
    committees, Graduate Programs, Caribbean and Latin American
    Studies, and Aging studies

College and Departmental main Committees:

  • Elected as President of the Faculty Assembly, 1998-2000 and Chair
    of its Steering Committee, member of the college executive committee
  • Chair/member of the following committees: Strategic Planning; Faculty
    Appointment , Promotion and Tenure; Graduate Programs and
    Curriculum ; Students Admissions; Self Pre-Accreditation Study and
    two accreditation studies; Doctoral Program Planning; International
    committee; and distance learning and instructional methods.

* Member of Global Health Committee of the Associations of Schools of
public Health , USA since 1992, initiated the affiliation agreement between
Association and the Association of Schools of Public Health in the
European Region (ASPHER)
  • Joint Professor of Gerontology, College of Arts and Sciences,
    University of South Florida, 1997-2002
  • Visiting Professor, College of Medicine, Department of
    Comprehensive Medicine, University of South Florida, 1983-1987.
  • Adjunct associate professor, then Professor (Senior Associate), Johns
    Hopkins School Hygiene and Public Health, Department of
    International Health, 1980-1992.
  • Visiting Research Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Department of
    Community Medicine, Riyadh University, 1980.
  • Lecturer of Health Services Administration and Epidemiology, Kuwait
    College of Health Sciences, 1975-1982.
  • Lecturer on Public Health, Arab Academy of Maritime, Alexandria,
    Egypt, 1973-1974.
Consultant, Ain Shams University, Egypt, Consultation on establishing the
new Faculty of Public Health and
Health Management.
Advisor, national school of Public Health, Athens, Greece, Workshop on:
"Disasters and Mental Health”, Greece
Advisor, Ministerial Summit, Group on Earth Observations, and
Representative of the World Federation of Public Health Associations, Cape
Town, South Africa
Keynote Speaker to the Turkish Public Health Association Annual meeting,
presentation on “ Global Challenges for Public Health in the 21 ST Century:
Facing the challenges in Turkey”,  Denezli, Turkey.
Advisor, Conference on Geospatial Information in the Americas, and
representative of the World Federation of Public Health Associations to the
conference, presented a paper on “
Using Geospatial Information in Guiding
Global and national Health Policies” Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
May, 2006
Organizer and Presenter, World Federation of Public Health Associations,
Workshop on “ Planning for Human Resources in Health: Avoiding shortage
and Oversupply”, during the World heath assembly, Geneva, Switzerland
Academic director and Adviser, master’s program in health management,
university of Bahcesehir, Istanbul, turkey.
2006- present  
Adviser and presenter, library of Alexandria, Egypt on Health Insurance,
Peace Development, Wome Empowerment, and University Governance.
Senior lecturer, Athens School of Public Health, Greece, Seminar on Health
Planning, offered for Senior Egyptian Health Mangers.
Senior Consultant on health policy and management on the project of
Cooperation with The Private Sector and Accreditation to Implement
Health      Reform”, SPAAC, Egypt and the Ministry of Health and
Population, funded by the Social Insurance fund.
Elected as Chair, American Public Health Association International Health
Section (first time for a member to be elected twice for this position)
2004 –2007
Professor and academic adviser, American City University, Wyoming, USA
and London, assisting in developing international branches for education on
business and health administration.
2004 - 2005
Senior Adviser, Diamond Medical services (an HMO), Egypt
2004 - 2005
Senior adviser, Al-Massara Clinic and Hospital, Tripoli, Libya
2003- present
Adviser, African Council For Sustainable Health Development
(ACOSHED- 22 African countries) on council strategies and Human
resources in Health, Nigeria, and focal person/ adviser for establishing its
branch in Egypt
Organizer, World Federation of Public Health Associations on the Joint
Project proposal with World health Organization on Hypertension Control.
Senior Consultant, Health Reform Monitoring and Evaluation, ECTAT        
Project, for development of health reform evaluation tools, Ministry of
Health & Population, Egypt (World Bank funded)
Reviewer, Quality management criteria, Quality Department, Ministry of
Health and Population, Egypt
Adviser and team leader, Operational Unit for Development Assistance,
Egypt  (OUDA – UNDP), proposal for health reform project.
Adviser, World Federation of Public Health Associations on “Globalization"
and AIDS/HIV strategies”  Annual World Health Assembly Meeting May
2002, Geneva, Switzerland
1999 – 2002
Government of Belize: Senior Health Adviser and member of its Delegation
to the World Health Assembly meeting; advisor on Health Policy and Reform
Implementation, development of the long range human resources plan for
health professionals, educational and training plans to the year 2015, quality
management program, and Strategic reform Plans.( funded by Inter
American Development Bank- IDB)
Government of Guyana, Consultant on Building and Managing Quality in
Health Care, funded by Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).
Government of Barbados, Consultant, Strengthening District Health Services,
funded by PAHO.
1998 -99
Government of Belize, Adviser on Hospital Management, converting the
National Governmental Hospital into a public independent authority.
Government of Kuwait, Adviser, Building National Health Insurance, and
long range human resources development plans.
Czech US-AID,, Partners for International Training and Education (PIET):
Training professors on establishing a school of public health
1987 - 2001
Association of Schools of Public Health in the US: Member of its
International Health Committee, and Senior Adviser on cooperation
agreement with the Schools of Public Health in the European Region.
European Economic Community: Consultant, Athens Conference on
establishing a school of public health in Palestine.
1990 - present
World Federation of Public Health Associations: Member of Delegation to
the World Health Assembly, 1992-present, Geneva, and member and
reviewer of the Program Committee for its International Conferences in Bali,
Indonesia 1994; Arusha, Tanzania, 1997; Bejing, China
2000; Brighton ,
2004; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2006, and Istanbul, Turkey 2009.
1996 - 2000
Adviser and Member of the Board of Global Relief Association, USA    
1996 – 2000   
Adviser and Member of the Board of College and University Partnership
Program (CUPP) for International Educational Exchange And training in
health policy and management ( Japan and Taiwan)
1995- 2002    
Czech, Poland , Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Croatia; Health
Reform Projects, USF- US/AID funded projects: consultations, planning and
 training programs in the US and in countries on : health reform policies,
privatization, health insurance, hospital management, establishing programs
for quality management, nursing education and improvement, and  elderly care
1991 - 2000
University of Bielefeld Health Sciences Center, Germany: Directing
institutional agreement and teaching courses on "Quality Assurance in
Hospitals" in Germany , and leading the new program for establishing quality
assurance/ management  in countries of East-Central Europe.
1991 - 1996
Riverside Hospital, Pasco County, Florida: Consultant on strategic planning
for the hospital.
1988 – 2002
Florida Journal of Public Health: Senior Editor, and Editor of its bureau on
"Public Health Around the Nation and the World".
1986 – present
American Public Health Association:, Chair of the International Health
Section 1992-1994 and Member of the Governing Council, chair elect,
Secretary, 1986-1992, member of the Inter Sectional Council, 1992-1996,
the International Human Rights Committee 2003-
2007, International Health
chair elect 2004-2006; and chair 2006-08
1980 – present
Secretariat General of Health for the Arab Gulf Countries and its member
countries:(Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates,
Oman): Adviser and Founder of the Secretariat Health Planning Committee(
1976-1988), assisted the building of planning units, established the Unified
Health Policies for the member countries, conducted annual seminars for
senior health planners and managers, and consultations and studies to
member countries on health policy reform and planning, health information
systems, hospital management, quality management and human resources
Oman, World Health Organization, Eastern Mediterranean Region Office
Consultancy: Alternatives of Resource Mobilization and Health Financing in
Kuwait Consultancy: Ministry of Health, Health Financing and Human
Resources Development in Kuwait.
Russia,  US-AID project, Senior trainer, Academy for Educational
Development, Nursing  Education and Practice,
1995 -1996
Egypt, United States Agency for International Development, : Consultancy
with the Health Insurance Organization on Health Insurance  planning and
management, and training its senior officers.
Arab League: Offering a workshop on “Health economics and alternatives of
health care financing in the 22 member countries, Cairo, Egypt.
1994 – 1995
Barbados, Pan American Health Organization Consultancy, : Bed needs to
the year 2010, and policy options for privatization of St. Joseph Hospital.
Tampa General Hospital, Florida, USA: Consultation on International
marketing programs.
Egypt, US-AID, Consultant, Clinical Services Improvement  project for
Family Planning in Egypt.( project evaluation and restructuring )
Cuba, American Public Health Association: Evaluation of the health system  
in Cuba.
1992 - 1993
Egypt, US-AID, Consultant, Private Practitioners Family Planning Project in
Egypt: Project efficiency and effectiveness, and training of senior
1992 - 1993
Haiti, Albert Schweitzer Hospital & Program in Haiti: Consultant,
Strengthening the program management and advisor on staff development
and continuing education.
1984- 2000
Florida Department of Health, consultancies on primary care, state health
planning, quality of public health services, elderly care and human resources
development in the health field.
1979- 1983
Director and founder, Office for National Health Planning, Kuwait,          
directly under the Minster of Health.; conducted studies, wrote the Kuwait
Health Plan 1982-2000; (450 pages, four  volumes ) including national health
policies, strategies for health programs; 18- year hospital building and
facilities development plan; 18-year health manpower plan; managing the
cooperation international projects with the US Department of Health and
Human Services and The U.K department of Health and Social Security;;
and conducting management training for senior officials.
1984- 1986
Team leader, Quality Assurance Program Development in Kuwait
managing the contract with  the Univ. of South Florida, including program
design, development of standards, and training of quality assurance officers
1970 - present
Other consultancies with national and international health organizations
and universities on planning, management and evaluation of health
systems, hospitals, and health human resources development in
Tanzania, Lesotho, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Finland,
Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Egypt,
Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, India, Japan,
China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Dominica, Montserrat, St. Vincent,
Grenada, St. Lucia, Mexico, Guyana, Belize,  Barbados, Antigua, Haiti,
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* In Egypt:  Director of Medical Care Department, Ministry of Maritime; Adviser and Consultant to Al-Ahlia and Al-
Shark Insurance companies; private practice in internal medicine; accredited internist in Al Moassah, Mabarrah and
Coptic Hospitals in Alexandria; house intern, Alexandria university hospitals; and medical officer in Military hospitals.
* In Kuwait: specialist of internal medicine, infectious diseases and deputy hospital director.